Quality spring mattress quality health sleep

                        Spring mattresses make good sleep is no longer a "luxury"

                        City life at any time change, health problems have been alert, most of that is usually healthy exercise, diet and other factors, but in fact, sleep problems also affect physical health. According to the World Health Organization survey showed that about 30% of the world today there are various people sleep problems, and sleep disorders Chinese residents prevalence is as high as 43%. Good sleep has become a modern urban life "luxury."

                        A high-quality mattress, allows you to have a better quality of sleep! Most people still think the mattress is just a piece of furniture in China, and in Europe and the United States, but also a mattress health tool. What is the concept of what mattress mattress is the body to get healthy and comfortable sleep, and the use of a cross between an article and a bed between human, material range;? So many mattress, which was on the market it is the best mattress?

                        Spring mattress is the first choice for most families, but also occupy a large share of the market. Good spring mattress, to ensure a more stable sleep, improve overall sleep efficiency, wake after sleep, physical comfort, using a spring mattress can be obtained than using wood or foam mattress sleep better quality. Good spring mattress depends on the strength of hard and soft interior of the spring, the spring in addition to play a supportive role in the necessary hardness, but also has good elasticity, to make the whole mattress firmness and flexibility. Too hard or too soft spring rebound is not ideal, at the same time, flexible mattress is essential for comfort and sleep quality of the human body.