Passion compose brilliant

                        Passion compose brilliant 

                                           - Victor Zue all family Yangmeikeng Tourism Development Training 2016

                             The same piece of iron can be melt defeating saw to be tempered into a steel; also a team, mediocrity can be big things. In order to improve teamwork, July 11, 2016, Victor Zue all more than 200 employees to Shenzhen Yangmeikeng natural Tam base to expand the training to participate in tourism. Outward Bound is set to shape the team dynamic, growing organization to promote the training process of constant value, it is designed specifically with the modern team building needs and design a set of outdoor experiential simulation training.

                             The theme of the event around the "unity is strength" commencement exercise aimed at employees' strong will to enhance employee team cohesion and overall solidarity. Through activities, so that all employees enhanced sense of teamwork, find a collective sense of belonging, enhance communication between employees, make activities more abundant, but also received good results.

                        Staff divided Coyotes, Tigers, Lions, Eagle team, team unity, strength team, the dream team, the vanguard of the eight teams in the "CS field", "more than enough", "encouraging people" We conducted a competition on "the beach tug of war" activities. The "encouraging people" activities for employees a strong sense of team success is the foundation of personal success; personal success must be built on the other team members to work together and jointly support the foundation.

                             Eight teams of comparable strength, is different, but we are not more than the level, but in the process, you reap what, what sentiment, thinking the previous work and behavior patterns brought their own how to work obstacles, upload issued distortion has brought what kind of impact for the execution.

                             Through this expansion of training, each team saw the team's strengths and weaknesses, but also felt the importance of cooperation and communication, which laid a good foundation for future work. Colleagues in the practice and training in the study, change in experiential learning, the benefit, with more insights on life. In the experience of dedication, joy after a successful collaboration, courage brought everyone deeply feel the essence of "responsibility, cooperation, self-confidence", as well as a team of liability to be borne by one. By this time, in the margins of intense work pressure, close to nature, feel the mountains, flying soul, improve work efficiency, to mobilize the enthusiasm and motivation for the company's humanities building and sustainable development to provide a solid basis.